For Referral Partners

Scheduling a Dressing Appointment
Wings for Success appreciates being part of the services you offer your clients, where we can offer the “finishing touch” in the employment process or to help women in transition who are in need of clothing.  Wings provides new or gently worn work appropriate clothing in sizes 0 to 5X, in current styles, and for a range of needs – from office attire, to business casual, to scrubs. Based on your referral, we equip each client with needed clothing, including accessories and foundation garments (bras, undergarments) depending on inventory.

Arranging for a Client Appointment
To refer a client, call our office at 610-644-6323 (Frazer) or 610-444-1446 (Kennett Square) and provide the following information to help us prepare for your client’s visit:
Client Information we require:
•        Name
•        Contact phone number
•        Clothing size
•        Type of clothing needed (interview outfit, business casual,
          scrubs, maternity)
•        Any special needs
You may make the appointment for your client, or your client may call Wings to schedule their appointment directly. Appointments are available Monday through Friday between 10 am and 3 pm.  Saturday morning appointments can also be arranged if needed. The client should allow at least 1 hour for the appointment (20 minutes if scrubs only are needed). Wings can also accommodate a group dressing appointment of up to four clients at a time.

PA WORKWEAR Appointments
Clients need to be referred by faxing a completed PA WORKWEAR Form to Wings at 610-644-7323. Please note on the form what type of clothing is needed (interview outfit, business casual, scrubs, maternity).

Rescheduling or Cancelling an Appointment
Since Wings volunteers come in to assist the clients, please call our office at 610-644-6323 (Frazer) or 610-444-1446 (Kennett Square) if a client is unable to keep the scheduled appointment or is running late.

Second Appointments
A client is eligible for a second appointment if she needs additional outfits during the year or if she becomes employed. She may contact us directly for her second appointment.

her Guidelines

  • If your agency accompanies or drives a client to the appointment, we appreciate the caseworker and/or driver remaining at our location for the appointment, unless other arrangements have been made with the Wings Program Manager.
  • Clients should not bring young children that need supervision or other adults to their dressing appointment, unless it is for transportation.
  • Please prepare clients that Wings for Success is not a store and they may not purchase our clothing.  Please do tell your client that our program is free for them.
  • Each Wings client will be assisted by a Volunteer Personal Clothing Stylist, who works closely with the client to arrive at clothing appropriate to the client’s situation and personal style. The Personal Clothing Stylist will pull the clothing for the client to try on and will package it up for her when she leaves.  Clients will not be shopping our closets themselves.