Sara suffered a long time under the heavy hand of her husband, but when he pulled out her hair, it was a wake-up call for what might lie ahead for their baby girl. That night, Sara left with her baby, a diaper bag, and what was left of her dignity.

Sara found safe harbor in a local shelter, which led her to Wings for her job interview outfits.  When Sara arrived at Wings for her first appointment, she not only wore a head scarf to hide the abuse, she wore a brave face and sense of humor to shield her fragile heart. Sara’s dressing volunteer sensed that Sara needed to know someone was on her side – someone who wouldn’t judge her, someone who respected her, and someone who believed she could really make it.

Sara and her volunteer hit it off right away. The dressing appointment turned into a fun shopping experience, letting Sara temporarily shed all the outside world stresses she faced. Wings equipped her not only with the clothing for her interviews, and later for her first few weeks at work, we helped her feel good about herself perhaps for the first time in a very long time.

Sara built on the shelter’s support and the confidence gained at Wings to begin a new life. When we last saw Sara, her hair had grown in, and she had re-grown dignity and hope for herself and her baby girl. Sara had landed a job and moved into her own place, making 2008 a wonderful turnaround year for her. Wings is proud to have participated in Sara’s courageous journey.

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