Board Members

Jacqueline Cody Downing

Jackie joined Wings for Success in 2007 when she was asked to help out with some Board development work. She became a Board member the following year. 

Her experience with Wings is a reminder of the goodness of people as well as the power of hope and sharing. She loves being of service to other women and supporting them in their transformation.

• President, Spiritgems Consulting - Executive/Life Coaching and Human Resources Consulting (current)


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Kenya Jacobs
Vice President

Kenya’s passion for encouraging and empowering women to rise above their challenges is what first attracted her to Wings for Success.  As a single parent, Kenya can identify with women who are determined to improve their quality of life and financial position so that they can better provide for their families.  Prior to joining Wings in 2012, Kenya partnered with local organizations to conduct community outreach efforts, including organizing clothing and toy drives, and providing meals for low-income residents.  Kenya draws on both her personal and professional experience to mentor women who are in transition and who need assistance with resume writing, interviewing skills, salary negotiation, and career planning. 


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Dana Dovberg

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Pareez Golub

Pareez joined Wings for Success in 2011 as a volunteer on the Fall Fundraiser Committee.  She quickly became the event’s technical guru and continues to be an active member of the committee.  In January 2015, Pareez joined the Board.  Her career in a male-dominated field has given her a keen appreciation for the role Wings plays in empowering women in the workplace.

• Vice President of Engineering and Technical Services, Excel Services Corporation


Julie Kines Ammon

Julie began volunteering with Wings for Success in 2008 and joined the Board in January 2016.  Her first role at Wings was as a client dresser but upon recognizing that she was “someone that can barely dress herself,” Julie looked for a more productive way to contribute to our organization.  She found her calling by tapping into her fundraising and event-planning expertise and has been actively involved in each of our fundraising events ever since. 


  • Home and Office Organization


  • Wings for Success Volunteer (Wings Fling event)
  • Friends Association Volunteer
  • Calvary Chapel Delaware County Office Volunteer
  • ...
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Laura LaBuda

Laura first learned of Wings for Success more than 5 years ago when an article she read in the newspaper inspired her to contact Wings and lend her support.

Her involvement began by organizing a local accessory drive, which has since grown to become an annual event. In addition, Laura donated her own business attire on a monthly basis. Throughout the years, her volunteer efforts at Wings have included helping to dress clients, organizing accessory drives, and serving on both the Fundraising and Workshop committees.

The Wings’ mission reflects Laura’s own values—a belief in empowering women and providing them with a supportive...

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Connie Rose

 Connie’s leadership style is one that many at Wings connect with and appreciate. When she joined Wings in 2001, Connie was taken by the amazing transformation of clients at a Wings makeover workshop. She knew right away that she wanted to make a contribution to Wings. Since then, Connie has maintained an unwavering commitment to the Wings vision. She has inspired those she leads to always focus on the needs of Wings’ clients and rise above any challenges facing the organization.

As a Board member for more than five years, Connie served a year as Vice...

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